Alnwick Dolphins

Contact Details and Committee Members


The swimming club has several email addresses for specific reasons:

  • [email protected] - this is a general email address used to send out emails from the club, the inbox gets checked every few days, so may not be the quickest way of sending an email, so please consider using a more specific address below
  • [email protected] - Please use this address if you wish to email the Committee, all mail received will automatically forward on to Paul Batley, Jonathan Thew, Paul Saxon and Karen Fish
  • [email protected] - Please use this to contact your squad coaches, this mail box is not manned directly and ONLY works if you put the name of your childs squad in the title as there are rules built which then forwards the mails on to the correct coaches. NO SQUAD NAME AND YOUR COACH WILL NOT RECEIVE IT.
  • [email protected] - Please use this email address for any Membership only queries, all mail received will automatically forward on to Karen Fish
  • [email protected] - Please ONLY use this to submit gala entries and please mark FAO: Paul Batley or Toni Cook depending on the gala instructions, all mails forward on to both, but it helps if they know who is to respond.
  • [email protected] - This is a confidential email address that is only accessed by our Welfare Oficer Sarah Lowrie, all mails received will forward to her directly. Please use thsi if you have any cause for concern over welfare issues of any nature in the club
  • [email protected] - Please use this email address for business/administrative contacts as these are forwarded to Paul Saxon our Club Secretary who oversees the aministration of the club.





Paul Batley 

Email: [email protected]


Jonathan Thew


Paul Saxon

Email: [email protected]


Membership Officer

Karen Fish

Email : [email protected]

Welfare Officer

Sarah Lowrie

Email : [email protected]   


Photo to be updated

Team Manager/ Workforce Coordinator
Joanne McQueen

Tony Stapleton

Press Officer
Stuart Eaborn



Alnwick Dolphins Committee